Dr. Le - Stockton, CA
Spending thousands on marketing and not one new patient to show for it, Dr. Le was skeptical that marketing would not work for him in his area...  35 days into our system, he has closed $42,500 in new decompression patient revenue.
Step 1: If You Want Results Like These...
We can help you fill your schedule with new patients quickly... the first step is clicking below to apply to see if you qualify. We're only bringing on 5 new clients this month.
Need Proof? More Results...
Dr. Bystrom - Escalon, CA
From 0 patients and two failed marketing programs to 100% capacity (and growing waitlist) for their Spinal Decompression program in under 6 months.
Dr. Serafini - Scottsdale, AZ
15-20+ new patients every single month
Dr. Van Roekel - Omaha, NE
Doubled loyal patient base within 6 months
429 Chronic Back Pain Leads @ $8.55
60 days -165 Spinal Decompression leads - $81K Revenue
$69 Neuropathy Consultation - $20.25 Leads
$7.74 Sciatica Leads
399 Leads for Back Pain Program in 3 months!
16 leads resulted in $4,400 - Chiropractic Care Plans
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